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Don’t Give Up

Monday Sep 18, 2023

Monday Sep 18, 2023

Many people start their spiritual walk with God on fire and full of enthusiasm!  For whatever reason, as time passes many lose focus, become complacent, or simply become discouraged and give up.  In Philippians 3:10-14 the apostle Paul exhorts us to follow his example and "press on" and don't give up!  Paul gives us some guidelines to help us stay focused on our path to spiritual growth.  The "prize" is worth it!

Living in the Days of EVIL

Monday Sep 04, 2023

Monday Sep 04, 2023

How can such evil and wickedness be all around us and God is seemingly doing nothing? Violence, law-breaking, and injustice abound with no solution in sight. It seems as if we are living in the days Isaiah spoke about when he wrote, "Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness..." When will justice come? Join us this week as we look at how, as Christians, we are to live in times like this.

Trust the Process

Monday Aug 28, 2023

Monday Aug 28, 2023

When we receive the free gift of salvation, a process called "sanctification" begins. In our sanctification, we face great trials and great joys as we are becoming more like Jesus. In this sermon, Pastor Matt demonstrates the process of sanctification while encouraging us toward our personal growth ahead.

Monday Aug 21, 2023

What are treasures in heaven? Can what we do with our money here on earth really store up for us treasures in heaven? What are the things we can invest in here and now that are eternal? While earthly treasures are not intrinsically bad, they are of no ultimate value. Heavenly treasures are everlasting and incorruptible. Let's discover together how to store up treasures in heaven!

Monday Aug 14, 2023

Generosity in all its forms starts with a generous heart. Last week we looked at being generous with our words of kindness and encouragement that build and strengthen others, but the scriptures teach us that we cannot stop there. The natural fruit of our faith is action! In serving God we are called to serve others. This is one of our greatest callings! This week we will look at some of the fruit of doing good in our fallen world. (Titus 3)

Monday Aug 07, 2023

Generosity in all its forms starts with a generous heart. Last week we looked at being generous with our words of kindness and encouragement that build and strengthen others, but the scriptures teach us that we cannot stop there. The natural fruit of our faith is action! In serving God we are called to serve others. This is one of our greatest callings! This week we will look at some of the fruit of doing good in our fallen world. (Titus 3)

Friday Aug 04, 2023

The words we speak to others are powerful! They can impact a person's entire life. Words have the power to build up or tear down. In scripture, there was a Levite named Joseph, who was called Barnabas by the apostles. His very name meant "Son of Encouragement." Barnabas changed thousands of lives by simply choosing to be generous with his encouragement. Whether it is one life or thousands of lives, our words have the power to do the same! (Ephesians 4:29)

Monday Jul 24, 2023

Generosity is an attribute of God that is often overlooked. His generosity goes beyond what we can ask for or imagine! We are called to be like Him--generous. This kind of generosity can only take place when we have a generous heart. This week Pastor Mike will begin looking at God's generosity as a model for us to live open-handed lives that reflect the heart of our loving and giving God.

Two Are Better Than One

Friday Jul 21, 2023

Friday Jul 21, 2023

As our social connections have expanded to their greatest levels in human history, many people find themselves alone and without a friend they deeply trust. This week Pastor Matt shares on the power of close friendship and gives practical advice to those who find themselves without a friend they can lean on.

Monday Jul 03, 2023

Pastor Mike Nelson concludes the teaching from Daniel

The Golden Rule

Monday Jun 26, 2023

Monday Jun 26, 2023

Pastor Matt Cherry teaches from Matthew 7 on the Golden Rule and its implications for our lives.

The legacy of a DAD

Monday Jun 19, 2023

Monday Jun 19, 2023

This Father's Day the goal is not to remind our dads of their duties and responsibilities so much as to encourage and remind us all of their importance: the respect and the dignity of the role of a father. Fathers play an extremely important and vital role in our families and nation today. Dads can leave a legacy of provision, discipline, and protection, but the greatest expression of love a dad can leave his family is the legacy of salvation.

Monday Jun 12, 2023

Have you faced any lions this week? No, I don't mean at a zoo! I'm asking, have you faced any difficulties this week? We all have. We always do. Some are more difficult than others, and some may take time to be resolved. All of these difficulties can become challenges to our remaining faithful in our relationship with the Lord. In Chapter 6 of Daniel we come to the story of Daniel in the lions' den. Daniel is now about 80 years old and has lived faithful to God as an exile for nearly 70 years! After all that has taken place, he now has to face the lions' den. Join us as we discover this story isn't so much about Daniel as it is about the God of Daniel.

Monday Jun 05, 2023

Pride was the cause of the first sin in the Garden, and it can be argued that pride is at the root of all sin ever since! Pride is an insidious pandemic. It's deceitful, cunning, and treacherous! We all suffer from it, see it easily in others, but most of us don't see it in ourselves. Pride's insidious nature allows it to gradually and secretly cause great harm. In contrast to the humility we have seen in Daniel, this week we will look at the blatant pride and arrogance of Kings Nebuchadnezzar and Belshazzar and the consequences of their behavior at the hands of God.

Tuesday May 30, 2023

How do you respond when something happens that doesn't fit with your plans, when the situation in question just doesn't make any sense to you and certainly doesn't take your feelings into consideration? What if it stretches you beyond your comfort zone? Just maybe the stage is being set for God to show up! To make your life a testimony! To make your life a witness for Christ in such a way that people may say, "I want your God to be my God!"


Wednesday May 24, 2023

Wednesday May 24, 2023

During the incredible ups and downs we face as a nation, a world, and individuals, we need the certain assurance that there is "One True King" who has the ultimate control. When the storm clouds gather and the floods of life threaten to take us under, we have a King who sits above it all! Psalm 29:10-11 tells us, "The Lord sits enthroned over the flood; the Lord is enthroned as King forever. The Lord gives His people strength; the Lord blesses His people with peace."

But, I’m Not Perfect

Tuesday May 16, 2023

Tuesday May 16, 2023

Flowery cards and sappy sentiments about how wonderful mothers are. Don't forget the infamous "Proverbs 31 woman" we hear about in church who gets up early, stays up late, and somehow manages to perfectly balance self-care, motherhood, and a career. For many women this ideal looks nothing like real life, and the disconnect can leave them feeling broken, hopeless, and like failures. How does God see the mom who doesn't have everything perfectly figured out? This Mother's Day we will look at God's answer to this question. You'll be encouraged and blessed!

Tuesday May 09, 2023

In a time when the world seems to be going crazy and making no sense, especially to a Christian, it is easy to ask, "What in the world is going on," or "Who is in control?" From our human perspective things may seem hopeless, confusing, never-ending, or even frightening. If only we could see clearly from God's perspective! Is there a redemptive story God is writing that we can't see from our perspective? The first chapter of Daniel shows us God is working behind the scenes, which illustrates a principle that's true in our world today, as well as in our personal lives. Heaven Rules!

The Power of Prayer

Monday May 01, 2023

Monday May 01, 2023

When Jesus taught His disciples to pray, He revealed life-changing power to them. The power wasn't in the disciples' prayers; it was from the One to whom they prayed. In this message, Matt Cherry explores the transformative nature of prayer when our desires align with the Almighty God.

The Yoke of the Lord

Monday Apr 24, 2023

Monday Apr 24, 2023

Looking for soul rest? Wanting to lay down your burdens? Jesus invites us to do both, through discovering and experiencing an abundant life in Him. Ben Goodman is back this week to share a message from Matthew 11:28-30.

Monday Apr 17, 2023

In a world on the brink of total chaos, we see economic turmoil, political turmoil, division and strife, cultural upheaval, violence, persecution, and more! Once we have an understanding that God in "Heaven Rules," our perspective of what's going on in the world will change and we will have greater clarity on how we are to live as "exiles" in this chaotic and evil world. Join us as we walk through the book of Daniel and see how we all would do well to follow Daniel's example.

Friday Apr 14, 2023

Good Friday commemorates the crucifixion, and Easter Sunday the resurrection. The Saturday in between commemorates desperation, uncertainty, and perplexity. For Jesus's followers Saturday was a horrible day of disappointment, despair, and disillusionment. Like the disciples we too can easily get stuck in Saturday, living with a Saturday state of mind because of circumstances--no hope, no courage, no plans, and feeling there is no way of escape. Then comes Sunday morning! Jesus is calling your name!

Saturday Apr 08, 2023

When Jesus met with the Pharisee Nicodemus, He revealed revolutionary truths about our human state and the work of the cross. Jesus's work on the cross was not for Him, it was for us. The cross was for our redemption because of our sin. Pastor Matt helps us see how we should respond when our broken state creates a broken Savior.

Tuesday Mar 28, 2023

Pastor Mike takes us to Mark 8:31-33 as we continue our BROKEN series in preparation for Easter.  The reality of why Jesus had to suffer and die, and what it made possible for each of us, should cause us to prepare for Easter with a sense of humility and brokenness.  A brokenness that leads to repentance, surrender, thanksgiving, praise, and worship.

Tuesday Mar 28, 2023

We begin a new four-part series this week, focusing on John 2:13-25 where Jesus is angry at what is taking place in the temple courts. Jesus is teaching His followers about true worship before He goes to the cross. Pastor Casie will help us focus on what true worship looks like for believers today.

Tuesday Mar 28, 2023

When our pace in life is too fast, we miss the things that are most important. Jesus invited us to come to Him when we're "weary and heavy laden," and He will give us rest. In the last week of our Margins series, we'll explore the unhurried rhythms of grace as we walk with Jesus.

Wednesday Mar 15, 2023

Margin in the area of our finances provides a safety net as we go through the ups and downs of life. With financial margins there is room to breathe, a sense of peace, and freedom. Without this room to breathe, we fall apart! The Bible teaches us to work hard to create and maintain financial margins. Why? Because when we live our lives within our limits, there is freedom! This week we'll look at three Biblical steps we can take to build our financial margin.

Tuesday Feb 28, 2023

Delighting in Sabbath
Sabbath is an ancient practice that often has been neglected by believers today. Sabbath was modeled by God when He rested on the seventh day during creation. Perhaps we should still continue to follow God's example and delight in taking a weekly Sabbath rest.

Tuesday Feb 21, 2023

A Thief Called Anxiety Matthew 6:25-34 
Anxiety and worry...we've all experienced these at some point in the past. If allowed they will consume much of our time in ways that are not only unproductive, but in ways that can have devastating consequences. God wants us to create margin in our life and schedule through not having anxiety and worry robbing us. God tells us how to accomplish this in His Word.

TrueBridge and Transition

Sunday Feb 19, 2023

Sunday Feb 19, 2023

Pastor Doug Wing, TrueBridge Team Leader and Senior Pastor at Grace Life Church in Marshall

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